Marshall Islands Appoints New High Court Associate Justice

Dinsmore Tuttle

Associate Justice Dinsmore Tuttle joined the Marshall Islands High Court in August 2014. Before assuming the position with the High Court, Justice Tuttle earned a J.D. in 1982 from the University of Denver College of Law. After law school, she practiced law for 14 years, first as a criminal defense public defender, and then in mixed civil and criminal private practice. Justice Tuttle was appointed to the bench in Colorado in 1997 and presided over a state district court for 16 years. During her time as a judge, she presided over every type of civil and criminal case filed at all levels in a state trial court and handled appeals from lower courts.

While on the bench, Justice Tuttle served on the Board of Directors for local and state legal services and was on the Executive Council for the Colorado Bar Association. She also was involved actively in committees devoted to domestic relations and access to justice issues and in legal training for students, lawyers and judges, and she served on two Supreme Court committees.

Justice Tuttle was the recipient of the 2007 Colorado Judicial Institute Magistrate of the Year Award. In 2012, the commission on judicial performance unanimously recommended Justice Tuttle be retained. Justice Tuttle resigned her position in the U.S. courts in November 2013, and worked with the American Bar Association in the Philippines, before joining the Marshall Islands High Court.