Maritime Law

We advise on and provide legal opinions for all aspects of Marshall Islands maritime law and specialize in providing legal opinions for shipping mortgages. We assist with registrations with the maritime administrator, including registrations of foreign maritime entities. We also perform due diligence and database searches with regard to vessels registered under the Marshall Islands flag, including obtaining Certificates of Ownership and Encumbrance.

Corporate Law

We represent Marshall Islands non-resident corporations, directors, shareholders, and entities or persons doing business with them. We provide legal opinions and advice on all aspects of Marshall Islands corporate law, including business, licensing, and tax law. We draft corporate documents and contracts and assist with due diligence for transactions involving Marshall Islands legal entities. Due diligence may include database searches and obtaining information and certificates with regard to Marshall Islands companies.


We advise on all aspects of the Marshall Islands courts, case law, rules of procedure, and legal system. We represent clients before the Marshall Islands High Court and Marshall Islands Supreme Court in cases involving a wide array of legal issues, including the defense and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards and court rulings.